Personalized cancer prevention, screening, and treatment in Denver.

Preventive medicine and cancer care tailored to your lifestyle and needs.


Integrative Approach to Prevention and Treatment

Imagine a doctor who’s as interested in your state of mind as in your symptoms. A doctor who prescribes lifestyle changes as well as pharmaceuticals. And one who keeps you well rather than just treats an illness. For anyone seeking a top-notch personal health advocate, it’s absolutely essential.


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Mark Levandovsky, MD

Founder and Medical Director
Internal Medicine, Hematology and Oncology

Dr. Levandovsky has dedicated his professional life to treating people, not disease – and helping patients understand their overall health “portrait,” allowing individuals to make decisions that prevent illness and ultimately put them in charge of their wellbeing. Specializing in Internal medicine, Medical Oncology and Hematology, Dr. Levandovsky works with patients to prevent as well as overcome cancer and other serious conditions. His goal is to help patients lead healthy, active lives. Patients benefit from an increased focus on health education – and the peace of mind knowing they have an expert medical resource available whenever needed. 

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Total Care

An integrative medical examination with personalized health goals and evidence-based recommendations. Dr Levandovsky focuses on disease prevention, lifestyle, nutrition and fitness recommendations. 

  • Partnership approach to patient education and care, driven by excellence and innovation rather than insurance payment guidelines and standardized treatments.

  • Health care tailored to your needs – from primary care to cancer screening.

  • Integrative approach to overall physical, mental and emotional health to deliver top-notch care.

  • Cancer Screening and Prevention inlcuded in Total Care Program

Cancer Screening and Prevention

Dr. Levandovsky provides a personalized risk assessment for the nine most common cancers in the United States. The program focuses on establishing risk factors and adds each patient’s genetic, nutritional and lifestyle or exposure risk factors. Based on these individualized risk evaluations, each person will understand their unique health profile and undergo a screening program designed specifically for them. Personalized risk reduction recommendations will be provided for each patient.

Total Cancer Care

Ongoing cancer care with unlimited personal, phone and e-mail support from Dr. Levandovsky. Treatment coordination and discussion with all involved medical specialists. Psychological and medical support during treatment and interventions. 


Expert total care and consultations for hematology patients with blood cancers or blood disorders. Access and collaboration with top experts and institutions in the field without needing to travel.


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