Personalized cancer prevention, screening, and treatment in Denver.


Personalized medicine, exceptional care.

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Imagine a doctor who’s as interested in your state of mind as in your symptoms. A doctor who prescribes lifestyle changes as well as pharmaceuticals. And one who keeps you well rather than just treats the symptoms. It’s the difference between hiring an occasional medical handyman and a lifetime health care guardian. And for those seeking top-notch personal health advocate, it’s absolutely essential.

Dr. Mark Levandovsky is delivering integrative care to patients who are serious about their health and wellbeing, including:

  • Partnership “concierge” approach to patient education and care, driven by excellence and innovation rather than insurance payment guidelines and standardized treatments.

  • Health care tailored to your needs – from primary care to cancer screening.

  • Integrative approach to overall physical, mental and emotional health to deliver top-notch care.

  • Unique screening services for cancer and other serious diseases, provide personal risk assessments and recommendations, enabling patients to pursue prevention long before treatment becomes necessary – if it ever becomes necessary.

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Dr. Levandovsky provides a personalized risk assessment for critical disease and the nine most common cancers in the United States. The program focuses on established risk factors and adds each patient’s genetic, nutritional and lifestyle or exposure risk factors. Based on these individualized risk evaluations, each person will understand their unique health profile and undergo a screening program designed specifically for them. With the goal of preventing serious disease or detecting it at a very early stage, Dr. Levandovsky’s Prevention & Screening Package includes the following:

  • Personal and family health history review

  • Endocrine and metabolic risk factors review

  • Occupational and exposure factors review

  • Lifestyle and nutritional review and counsel

  • Imaging

  • Tumor biomarkers and molecular testing

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A cancer diagnosis is one of the most shocking events in a person’s life. Immediately, dozens of questions and concerns come to mind. Having a personal physician advocate guide you through the maze of treatment options and critical decisions to be made can make a dramatic difference for a patient’s outcome. Dr. Levandovsky’s Total Cancer Care Package will ease patients’ peace of mind through his expert guidance and emotional support throughout the entire process. The package includes:]

  • Ongoing care with access to the doctor via office visits, phone and tele-medicine

  • Coordination and discussion with all involved medical specialists

  • Support through all cancer treatment indicated (infusions, radiation, surgery and other interventions, as needed)

  • Primary care

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Dr. Levandovsky can provide total care for hematology patients as well, helping to explain options and recommendations. Hematology Packages include second opinions for hematology patients.

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Patients facing a difficult diagnosis are very often worried and uncertain if they are making the right decisions. A comprehensive second opinion can guide patients toward appropriate treatment decisions or in some cases, identify other possibilities they might want to consider. Dr. Levandovsky’s Second Opinion Packages include:

  • Review of all pertinent records

  • Review of all pertinent imaging

  • Review of pathology

  • Multidisciplinary tumor board discussion, as indicated

  • Recommendations from top experts in the field, as indicated

  • Review of cutting-edge oncologic developments

  • Review of pertinent clinical trials

  • Molecular and genomic malignancy classification

  • Genetic counseling, as indicated

  • Outlining treatment options and patient/family priorities

  • Psychoncologic support to counsel for both the physcological and physical aspects of the diagnosis

  • Nutritional and lifestyle evaluation


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