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Introducing The Executive Concierge Primary Care Program


Get a comprehensive assessment of your health and wellness. Our 3-hour physical exam covers your genetic, environmental, nutritional and emotional health. In additional to personalized attention to your medical history, Dr. Levandovsky takes the time to educate patients on their medical conditions, predispositions, and prognosis, focusing on empowerment rather than a traditional prescriptive approach.

Dr. Levandovsky incorporates 3-generations of family genetic history with lifestyle and environmental exposures. A comprehensive nutritional and fitness assessment that covers eating habits and physiology are also reviewed.

In order to impact change, Dr. Levandovsky focuses on patients’ choices and reasons behind why we do, eat and interact the way we do; how that impacts our health and wellness, and what is a meaningful change for the person in front of him.


Benefits of Integrative and Concierge Medicine

What is an Integrative Approach in Medicine?

An integrative approach in healthcare considers the whole person, not just one’s current symptoms. Our program is designed to pursue overall health and wellness, with the goal of healthy aging and an active lifestyle. Dr. Mark Levandovsky understands how your physical health impacts your mind and spirit, by addressing the emotional health, we can make significant, meaningful impact on our physical health and wellness.

For Dr. Levandovsky, treating a medical condition is not just about addressing your physical symptoms, it’s about resolving the underlying issues for real and lasting relief. On par with traditional Western treatment options, Dr. Levandovsky focuses on lifestyle changes and natural healing techniques that help patients improve their quality of life.

What is the Goal of our Screening Program?

The goal is really to improve the quality of life for our patients. Often times the first step towards achieving that is to identify what needs to be improved, where change starts. Dr. Mark Levandovsky’s thorough evaluation of your physical and emotional health is designed to take a pro-active approach in understanding how to help you live your life to the fullest. Whatever your problem can be, mood disturbances, fatigue/low-energy, weight gain, chronic pain, insomnia (just to name a few), Dr. Levandovsky will explore the underlying contributing causes to help find a meaningful solution that aims to improve the quality of your life.

Why is Preventive Medicine Important?

Preventive medicine is your investment in your future. Many diseases have a different prognosis depending on the stage of detection. Conditions diagnosed later, in a more advanced stages, typically have quite different outcomes in terms of treatment, survival, and quality of life as compare to the ones diagnosed much earlier. Being proactive and emphasizing screening/prevention BEFORE significant problems appear on the horizon is an amazing investment in your health and a contributor to active golden years.

As a physician with 20 years of experience, Dr. Levandovsky understands that your needs in preventive care change from year-to-year as your health-needs evolve. It’s important to realize that your essential needs always stay the same: a thorough wellness exam every year, screening tests based on your age, family history and other risk factor assessments… and last but not least, as your personal physician, a life-long partner in health who knows you and your needs.


Integrative & COncierge Health Care | INvest In your Health


Welcome to a new, unique-type of cutting-edge concierge-style healthcare that is focused on providing you with quality, comprehensive, and integrative care, tailored completely to your unique health needs. Dr. Levandovsky MD invests the time to understand your personal health portrait and offers his extensive expertise to address your individualized needs and concerns.


“The initial consultation was nothing that I’d ever expected it would be. I thought it would be the you know, the usual 5 to 10 minutes, instead it was like 3 to 4 hours. and… I couldn’t believe all of the tests that were done… and when we got done, he had a full picture of who I am.

-Bob Marks, Patient


A new way to practice Medicine


  • Unlimited & immediate access to your personal physician.

  • Unlimited personal attention to your medical needs.

  • Comprehensive analysis of your health and wellness.

  • Healthcare not limited by insurance.

  • Thorough & personalized analysis of patients that prevents cancer, diseases, and other conditions from manifesting in the body.


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Key Highlights

-Unlimited, ongoing access to Dr. Mark Levandovsky MD, top-rated internist, oncologist and hematologist with 20 years of experience.

-Fully proactive and comprehensive screening and evaluation for cancer, blood diseases, and cardiovascular risk- as well as an array of other life changing conditions.

-Full genetic and molecular evaluation with review of your exposures and risks.

-Top notch evaluation, supported by latest evidence-based medical research and practice.


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“In the past, I’ve always felt rushed with my doctors who were eager to treat symptoms, I’ve never before had someone sit-down with me for 2 hours and actually talk about my whole health.
-Kimberly Benfield, Patient





  • Complete medical history and full physical examination

  • Stroke risk assessment and prevention 

  • Cardiovascular health, focused on heart attack, high blood pressure and organ damage prevention

  • Medication review

  • Lung function testing that examines how well the lungs work

  • Skin cancer screening and examination

  • Breast exam

  • Prostate Exam

  • Abdominal and pelvic organ health, aimed to screen for and detect early evidence of organ stress/damage or cancer

  • Endocrine health and lipid profiling, in addition to standard-of-care screening, we also look at early markers of cholesterol and thyroid elevation, inflammation and oxidation, which can be elevated before the traditional ones suggest a problem

  • Liver metabolic function and kidney function, examining liver inflammation, swelling, and ability to metabolize/excrete toxins

  • Markers of systemic inflammation and cell turn-over and their effects on cardiovascular disease, hematologic and liver health

  • Urinary function and composition, looking at blood, stones/crystals, protein, inflammation and infection.

  • Screening for anemia (low red blood cells) and other blood abnormalities

  • Prostate screening for men 40+ (PSA)

  • Unlimited personalized access to Dr. Levandovsky MD, and the services provided by Preventive Medicine and Cancer Care in Denver, CO for the duration of your membership.


  • Personalized overall health and lifestyle assessment with guidance to achieve your personal health-related goals.

  • Nutritional evaluation and counseling

  • Fitness evaluation

  • Stress management and mindfullness recommendations

  • Sleep health assessment

  • Vitamin and supplement review


  • Carotid Artery Ultrasound – which are the main arteries supplying blood to our brain, looking at markers of early inflammation, plaque and thickening and atherosclerosis as well as the evaluation of thyroid gland (nodules, consistency and inflammation).

  • Abdominal and Pelvic Ultrasound — a safe and painless procedure to look at the health of your internal organs.

  • Coronary Calcium Score — a CT imaging to examine your coronary arteries to identify early signs of atherosclerosis.

  • EKG (electric picture and patterns of the heart)

  • Oxygen saturation levels



  • Cardiac stress test—In a stress test, a patient walks on a treadmill that makes their heart work progressively harder. An electrocardiogram (ECG) monitors patient’s heart's electrical rhythms. The doctor also measures blood pressure and monitors whether a patient has symptoms like chest discomfort or fatigue. Abnormalities in blood pressure, heart rate, or ECG or worsening physical symptoms could point to coronary artery disease (CAD): fatty deposits (plaques) that reduce the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle.

  • Colonoscopy— is a procedure that is used to look for cancer of the colon (bowel cancer) or colon polyps, which are growths on the lining of the colon that can sometimes be cancerous or may grow to be cancerous.

  • Upper and/or Capsule Endoscopy— is a procedure used to visually examine your upper digestive system with a tiny camera on the end of a long, flexible tube or a special bullet-like camera. A specialist in diseases of the digestive system (gastroenterologist) uses an endoscopy to diagnose and, sometimes, treat conditions that affect the esophagus, stomach and beginning of the small intestine (duodenum).

  • Bone density test— a non-invasive test that measures bone mineral density to assess the risk of fracture or osteoporosis and bone strength.

  • Audiometry— a painless, noninvasive hearing test that measures a person's ability to hear different sounds, pitches, or frequencies.


  • 3D Mammogram and Ultrasound of the Breast— a more advanced version of a traditional mammogram that creates more detailed, refined images with targeted ultrasound examination of potentially concerning areas

  • Breast MRI— a non-invasive, radiation-free imaging procedure, designed to detect early changes in the breast tissue, with over 90% sensitivity for early breast cancer detection.

  • CT of the Lungs— a non-invasive form of imaging, uses a specialized form of X-ray, coupled with computer technology, to produce cross-sectional images (slices) of soft tissue, organs, bone and blood vessels in any area of the body. CT lung cancer screening has revolutionized medical imaging by providing more detailed information than conventional X-rays, improving lung cancer diagnostics

  • MRI of the Ovaries/Uterus or Prostate—a non-invasive and painless form of imaging that helps create detailed cross-sectional images of pelvic organs and internals structures without the use of potentially harmful ionizing radiation.

  • MRI of the Abdomen and Pelvis — a non-invasive and painless form of imaging that helps create detailed cross-sectional images of the organs and internals structures without the use of potentially harmful ionizing radiation.


  • Genetic testing— extensive analysis of the 80+ genes associated or linked to cancer and other critical illness

  • HPV oral screening— a new painless type of test that helps to establish presence of HPV virus in the saliva which may increase one’s risk for oral cancer

  • Complete microbiome testing and analysis— a comprehensive evaluation of one’s gut bacterial flora, inflammatory and metabolic markers, linked to various forms of gastrointestinal cancer, as well as inflammatory and autoimmune conditions.

  • Cancer liquid biopsy—A test done on a sample of blood to look for cancer cells or tumor DNA that maybe circulating in the blood; if detected, these pieces of tumor DNA can further predict cancer’s site of origin for further testing and evaluation. This way a liquid biopsy may be used to help detect cancer at a very early stage.

  • Urine biopsy— a relatively new screening modality that is successful in screening for prostate cancer by using a urine sample.

  • Complete genome sequencing—this is the most comprehensive picture of your entire genetic code, that includes an analysis of 22,000+ expressed genes (exome), with an advanced profiling of over 1000 genes associated with cancer predisposition, genes related to cardiovascular, autoimmune and neurological conditions. This test may be of additional help for patients with atypical, difficult-to-diagnose symptoms, by focusing our attention on your top genetic/molecular predispositions.

Walk away with a detailed comprehensive report of your personalized health portrait with specific, individualized recommendations.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you Accept Insurance?

    • We do not accept insurance plans and because of that, we are not bound be the insurance-based and, unfortunately, often suboptimal standards of care. This allows us to provide the most comprehensive and best level of health care to our patients

  • Why Choose Dr. Mark Levandovsky?

    • You will have unlimited on-going access to a reputed 20-year internist (internal medicine), hematologist, and oncologist doctor who has a vast clinical experience providing top-notch healthcare to thousands of patients. Dr. Mark Levandovsky combines a traditional Western medicine approach with a more integrative, holistic approach to health and wellness addressing not just your symptoms but the whole person.

    • Dr. Levandovsky really takes the time to learn about his patients. Dr. Levandovsky’s initial physical examination is approximately 3 hours (depending on the health history can be longer) with follow up appointments between 30-60 minutes per patient. As your personal physician he is focused on preventative/integrative approach and will help the patients to take proactive steps towards ensuring their health. This approach is radically different from a typical insurance-based primary care, where your appointment would be 11 minutes on average spent with the doctor.

  • Do I Still Need Insurance?

    • Absolutely. Our program covers Dr. Mark Levandovsky’s service and some imaging included in the program. Our primary care program is not a replacement for emergency care and/or other testing and specialists that might be needed depending on the diagnosis.

  • Will I have Unlimited Access to Dr. Mark Levandovsky?

    • As a full fledged executive primary care patient, you will have unlimited access to Dr. Levandovsky MD. via office visits, phone calls or email access.

  • Is Preventive Medicine and Cancer Care HIPAA Compliant?

    • Preventive Medicine and Cancer Care is fully HIPAA compliant and observes all state and federal guidelines regarding a patient’s privacy.

  • Are There Reviews for Dr. Mark Levandovsky?

To schedule a phone call with the office manager and learn more about our programs:


About Preventive Medicine and Cancer Care | Denver, CO

Integrative Approach to Prevention and Treatment

Preventive Medicine and Cancer Care is a concierge medical practice dedicated to your physical health and wellness. Imagine a doctor who’s as interested in your state of mind as in your symptoms. A doctor who prescribes lifestyle changes as well as pharmaceuticals. And one who keeps you well rather than just treats an illness. For anyone seeking a top-notch personal health advocate for primary care, cancer screening or cancer care, it’s absolutely essential.


Today, approximately half of all people will develop an invasive cancer at some point in their lives. That sobering statistic begs the question: How will you keep from being part of the half who does? Everyone knows the basics – eat right, exercise regularly, and avoid smoking. But what if you could pinpoint your specific chances of developing a serious illness and follow a customized program of prevention?

Dr. Mark Levandovsky understands that illness prevention and overall health relies upon a partnership approach between physician and patient. His concierge medical practice is devoted to this philosophy, focusing on disease prevention services and a “total care” approach. He incorporates nutritional counseling and lifestyle modifications into his care recommendations. Patients’ well being and active lifestyle well into old age are the paramount goals for the practice. It’s his dedication to patient education and overall wellness – as well as a fierce independence from insurance-based standards of care – that sets Dr. Levandovsky apart from typical health care providers.

About the Medical Director, Dr. Mark Levandovsky MD

Dr. Levandovsky received his medical degree from University of California Irvine School of Medicine and has been in practice for 17 years. He began his medical career at the University of California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento and has helped cancer patients across the country, including at Weill Cornell-New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City and the Alaska Cancer Treatment and Research Center in Anchorage, Alaska. Most recently, Dr. Levandovsky served as the Head of Breast and Urologic Oncology at St. Mary’s Medical Cancer Center in Grand Junction, Colorado.


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