Personalized cancer prevention, screening, and treatment in Denver.


Partnership, Prevention and Personalized Programs


Today, approximately half of all people will develop cancer at some point in their lives. That sobering statistic begs the question: How will you keep from being part of the half who does? Everyone knows the basics – eat right, exercise regularly, avoid smoking, etc. But what if you could pinpoint your specific chances of developing cancer or serious illness and follow a customized program of prevention?

Dr. Mark Levandovsky understands that illness prevention and overall health relies upon a partnership approach between physician and patient. His concierge medical practice is devoted to this philosophy, focusing on disease prevention services and a “total care” approach. He incorporates nutritional counseling and lifestyle modifications into his care recommendations. Patient well being and active lifestyle well into old age are the paramount goals for the practice. It’s his dedication to patient education and overall wellness – as well as a fierce independence from insurance-based standards of care – that sets Dr. Levandovsky apart from typical health care providers.


“I would be doing my patients a grave disservice if I only treated symptoms and did not address the conditions that allow disease to develop. I want to help people pursue health and wellness, not just push treatments on them. ”

- Mark Levandovsky, MD


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